We made it simple.
For every T-shirt you buy, we donate 20% of the price to an NGO (5 euros exactly). Each collection is related to a specific NGO (Non Governmental Organization) with a common cause. We the riders, we all use earth as a playground... Current NGOs have the sufficient organization and power to make things move. Lets help them protecting the only thing we can't live without: Nature.

The Earth Collection  X  Coeur de Forêt

Earth Collection Earthooligans
Coeur de Forêt X Earthooligans

Coeur de Forêt is an active NGO that fights for the forests preservation and human rights in the whole world. Their hard work has lead to more than 700 000 trees planted since they exist. Their point is not just to plant trees, the human is the center of the process: Planting trees and plants, using these ressources to autonomize the local area, and finally auto-finance the forests preservation. France, Bolivia, Indonesia, Madagascar, Cameroun, they have developed many active spots. We have chosen to specifically support their operations in Bolivia, to help them raise local know how and sustainable development for the farmers of Coroico. If you want to know some more about what's going on in Coroico and follow their actions, go check their website here.

The Water Collection  X  Water Life Community

Water Life Community x Earthooligans
Water Collection Earthooligans

Water life Community is fostering water and board sports within a sustainable approach. Bringing human and nature values up to the front, they share the love and passion of riding by educating the young guns with a green vision. They organize concrete actions to clean the ocean and nature around. Partnering with creators and companies to build more ecological riding products is one of their assets too. Go check it out on the website here.

The Air Collection  X  Respire

Air Collection Earthooligans
Association Respire X Earthooligans

Association Respire's objective is to prevent air pollution diseases, and improve city's global air quality. Deeply concerned by the air we breathe, as we all are, Respire is using the legal action to make the government and local policies move on about this topic. Big cities are suffocating. Respire helps people in the need, and activeley fight against air pollution. Education and bringing new behaviours are the keys of this extremely fast growing movement. Join the movement here.